About Us

Hello!  My name is Janice.  In 2003 my husband decided to be a Civil War Reenactor.  He put about six events on our calendar when he would be out of town reenacting.  Not wanting to be left behind with our very young daughters, I balked.  He said, "Buy dresses! We'll make it a family affair."  We drove to the nearest dry goods store and bought dresses.  We went to our first reenactment and I found out that during the Civil War, women typically cooked and cleaned for their men.  Since that wasn't exactly my idea of a fun weekend, I decided to become a sutler.  A sutler is a shopkeeper that provides supplies and provisions to soldiers.  I soon learned that there was a demand for toy guns.  That is the story about how Cap Gun Store was born.  I hope you love our store as much as we do.  Thank you for shopping with us.  You are helping those girls get through college.

Business is going Great Guns!