Mars Semi-Automatic Cap Gun Pistol

Mars Semi-Automatic Cap Gun Pistol 

This semi-automatic cap gun fires strip caps.  Caps load into the bottom of the front of the gun, and there is a sliding cover to protect the ammo from dust and dirt. 

This cap gun is made of sturdy plastic.  The color is pewter with walnut brown grips.  This is a very good quality gun, made by Edison Giocattoli in Italy.  The cap gun has many basic gun parts such as a thumb safety, front and rear sights, and extended mag release built into the form of the gun.  The gun stock has an attachment point for a lanyard. 

The Mars Automatic was the most powerful handgun ever made.  The military authorities rejected it with the comment, “No one who fired it wished to fire it a second time.”  The Mars gun had high velocity in small caliber.  It used an unusual principle of operation known as the long recoil. 

This toy cap gun fires well, and it also makes a great gun for dry practice firing.  The gun has a bright orange safety tip.

Mars Semi-Automatic Cap Gun Pistol
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