Leather Holsters BROWN Adult Light Weight (not leather)

Holster and Belt
Light Duty
Beautiful Set, Brand New
Brown Smooth Polyurethane
This classic western smooth belt measures 3 and one half inches wide. This adjustable belt fits waist sizes 34 to 40 inches. A notched strap fastens through the metal-tone buckle for just the right fit. This belt offers maximum versatility and features ammo loops in about 40 caliber.

 The matching holster slides onto belt, and is sized for a standard light-weight toy gun.  The holster is 10 and one fourth inches overall.  It is three and one fourth inches at the widest point, and two and three fourth inches at the botton. This holster has an open bottom.This holster fits most barrel lengths 4 to 6 inches. Pictured here with an 8-shot revolver cap gun (not included).  The holster has long leather straps to tie the holster and gun around your thigh for stability.

  Right-handed draw.  Belt size 34-40.  Belts are worn low so can be larger than waist size.

Quality is light duty.  We have similar leather holster sets which will last a lifetime, but this economic set is more suited to occasional use such as Halloween or ComicCom events as opposed to everyday use.  If you plan to put more that about 14 ounces in the holster, this set may not be a right match for you because the polyurethane belt will stretch under load.

Leather double holsters
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Don't Forget caps for your Cap Guns