Leather Holster

Large Holster Made in Mexico 

Genuine quality Leather BROWN

Hand dyed and dutifully crafted with pride using premium-tanned smooth leather

Designed for large revolvers and a safe bet for any gun ten (10) inches or more in length


Overall length from end to end is eleven (11) inches

Width at widest point is four (4) inches

Circumference at widest point is eleven (11) inches

Opening for belt is generally three (3) inches but there is margin for much smaller or much larger belt Holster easily slides right onto your belt.

Made of Genuine Leather with Leather Leg Strap and Leather Hammer Strap – this holster is not make out of fake man made materials.  It is the real deal!  Hecho en Mexico

Holster Heavy Leather. Made of sturdy heavy-duty cowhide

Gun shown is for illustrative purposes and is not included in sale

Leather Holster
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Price $45.35

Don't Forget caps for your Cap Guns