Gun Safety

Col. Jeff Cooper deserves a great deal of credit for being the first to perceive the need for truly universal safety rules, rules that would apply to all firearms at all times. He’s the first one who boiled all of the various rules about firearms down into just four rules — rules that are simple enough that even a child can follow them, rules that provide a completely interlocking safety system, rules that pretty well everyone else in the gun world has acknowledged as simple and basic and enough.

You might not think that’s a big deal, but there’s a lot of genius that went into those four simple rules. Complexity is easy; simplicity is difficult. Cooper made firearms safety more simple at a time when firearms were becoming more complex. That’s genius.

Why are there four rules, instead of only one?  Because each one of the four rules provides one layer of safety.  If you violate only one rule, the chances are that no one will be harmed.  It requires a violation of at least two of the rules in order for any significant harm to result.