Delux Pirate Set Made in Spain by Gohner

Gonher Toy Company of Spain 

Delux Pirate Set just in time for Pirates of the Caribbean summer movie release
Quality kit connects include:
  • Pirate Gun - Full orange tip for safety,  two triggers, two hammers, twice the fun.  Toy gun is heavy with metal mechanisms and sturdy plastic grips.  Great quality, length just under 10 inches
  • Pirate Sword - Length is 22 inches, detail is fantastic on the blade and sword handle.  Made of durable plastic
  • Skull and Crossbone medallion on cord.  Sure to ward off evil and a sign of bountiful success
  • Pirates hook - Slip your hand inside the black satin cover to grip the silver hook
Arrrrgh you'll love these accessories for your pirate outfit
Gonher Delux Pirate Set
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Price $43.75