Civil War Letter Opener

Letter openers have been an office accessory for centuries, allowing the owner to express his or her passion through the design of the letter opener.  If you or someone you know is a Civil War buff, this beautifully detailed Civil War Letter Opener makes the perfect gift!

This beautiful rendition of a Civil War Sword and Scabbard is about ten and a half inches in length and comes in the manufacturer’s signature red and black box.   It is the perfect gift for the Civil War buff in your life (including yourself)! Made of metal with the look of rich leather.

The Civil War Saber Letter Opener is identical to actual Civil War swords. This Civil War Letter Opener is made in Spain from the manufacturer Denix. The letter opener is made of cast metal.

This finely crafted sword has the Civil War year inscribed on the handle along with the initials US.


Civil War Letter Opener
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