Churchill Break Action Cap Gun Rifle with 8 shot ring caps 30000

Churchill Break Action Cap Gun Rifle 8 shot Ring caps 


When you pull down on the trigger guard, the gun breaks forward so that the chamber is accessible for ease of operation, both loading and unloading.  This cap gun fires 8-shot ring caps, loaded onto a solid metal cylinder. Caps included.


The Churchill stock is sturdy molded plastic for lightweight ease. It is solid Black.  The Churchill is 31” in overall length.  The grooved heel keeps the rifle sturdy in shoulder. 


This toy gun is made with an exceptional amount of metal.  The barrel is metal, and the entire firing mechanism is metal, including the hammer.


Lightweight black trigger, black trigger guard and housing.


Full orange tip on the end of the barrel, permanently installed during manufacturing.


The Churchill features an 18″ long single metal barrel.


Receiver has front sights and barrel has rear sights.

Churchill 8 shot ring cap rifle toy gun
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Don't Forget caps for your Cap Guns