Cap Gun Revolver 8 Shot Die Cast Metal

This is a handsome black die cast metal 8 shot cap gun with a revolving cylinder.  The gun is black and the handles are brown.  The handles are solid resin and durable.

To load this cap gun, pull the cylinder release pin outward.  Push the cylinder out to the right side of the gun.  Load 8 shot ring caps into the cylinder.  Close the chamber and push the cylinder release pin inward to lock closed.  Pull trigger to fire.

This toy revolver is comprised of a barrel, handgrip, hammer, trigger, and cylinder.  The ring of caps is placed on the cylinder.  As the cylinder rotates with trigger pull, the hammer strikes the cap.  The gun can fire eight shots before it needs to be loaded with more caps.

The cap gun is about nine inches from tip to end of handle.  It has a permanent bright orange plug for safety.

Very nice cap gun.  Reasonable quality and durable.

Revolver Cap Gun Black
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