6mm Blank Firing Revolver

Guns that fire blanks are good for training hunting dogs.  Many people start training puppies with cap guns, but as the puppy grows and the distance between the sound and the puppy increases, a move to the 6mm blank firing pistol is a logical next step.

Use the blank gun where is legal to discharge firearms.  This blank gun has a permanent orange tip for safety.

The advantage of this gun is the .22 cal blank are inexpensive compared to other larger calipers.  The gun is easy to transport due to its compact size.

A puppy should be introduced to loud noises gradually and always with a reward. When a young dog’s food bowl is ready to be filled, tap the pan to get the pup’s attention. When it’s feeding time, make a little noise as the pup eats. Increase the noise level without startling the puppy. As the dog grows older, fire a blank gun in the distance at feeding time. A dog will soon learn that noise is a big part of life and he won’t fear loud noises, whether from banging or the blast of a shotgun.


blank firing pistol for animal training
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